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Telephone: +972-72-2575131

E-mil: SegalGr@gmail.com

Address: Paz Towers 1, Shoham 5 Ramat Gan

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Segal Group is one of the leading groups in Israel specializing in marketing and brokerage of commercial real estate properties, including major commercial office blocks, malls, etc. The company also advises real estate companies in Israel and abroad in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing.

Most of the company's activity abroad is in Romania and the USA,
where we carry out analyses of business deals with the market leaders.‎ ‎

We in Segal Group place emphasis on high quality service and skills while providing creative financial solutions, market checks and offering a comprehensive range of prices, and therefore we have the best, most skilled and – most importantly – the most reliable real estate experts in Israel's real estate market. The process of locating and choosing the properties is uncompromising and, most importantly, discreet. The wide choice of properties enables the real estate consultants to find each client the most suitable property for their needs.

Our clients include public companies and private tycoons. The company's fields of activity: marketing offices for sale, marketing commercial sites, storage and logistics, marketing new residential projects throughout the country, entrepreneurship, investment in the USA, office buildings, purchasing groups for office buildings, properties for investment as well as active businesses and public companies.‎ ‎
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